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Advanced Pumping Technologies (APT) is a innovative engineering company which has invented and patented a new, unique and proprietary technology which can be applied for virtually all positive displacement pump applications in the oil and gas industry, bringing pumping to a new level, “pumping 2.0.” The pump technology was developed and tested in Switzerland, and initial commercial production has begun in Texas. 

APT is positioned to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of positive displacement pumps to the global oil industry. APT is earning this status by providing the latest technology, highest quality pumps at the most competitive price available, and by building strong and long-term professional relationships with clients and distributors. APT is providing a unique alternative to presently used pumping technologies with the added benefit to the end user that it is efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective. 

This APT pumping technology consists of hydraulically driven positive displacement pumps with a patented and revolutionary bellows type construction and an extremely low cycle time.


With most of the moving mechanical parts having no friction at all, the innovative construction results in minimum service intervals of ± 2 years, in continuous 24 hours per day operation.


Pump Applications in the Oilfield

APT pumps are ideally suited for a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industry, including (but not limited to):


>  Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR / IOR)

>  Well Service

>  Salt Water Disposal

>  Oil Transfer

>  Power Oil Pump

>  Chemical, Polymer and Acid Injection

>  Water Transfer

>  Pipeline Booster Pumps

>  Artificial Lift Surface Pump


Real-Time Volume and Pressure Control

The APT pumps can be individually and wirelessly controlled by a central control station receiving comprehensive real-time data from every pump. Data received from each pump includes pump delivery (volume) and pressure, temperature of hydraulic oil, as well as full diagnostics of the individual pump components.


In applications where the pumps are used for enhanced recovery, instant action can be taken online from the central control station to change the output of each pump. Feedback data from the corresponding production wells relating to output and output composition (oil, water and gas content and volume) are transmitted to the central oilfield control station for monitoring and control. This comprehensive and real-time data allows the reservoir engineers to instantaneously adjust the APT pumps’ volume and pressure according to the requirements of the application for which the pump is being used.



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