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Commercial Pump Specs

Due the large size of the market for EOR/IOR water flood pumps and saltwater disposal pumps, APT has decided to initiate its product line with commercial pumps for these oilfield applications.


After thorough testing over time of two separate prototype pumps, Advanced Pumping Technologies is now initiating the production of its first commercial pump, the APT-350, whose specifications are indicated below.

This pump has been engineered with a focus on energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and environmental considerations. 


In the near future, APT will be offering a line of innovative pumps for many additional oilfield applications, including mud pumps, oilfield service pumps, pipeline booster pumps and many others.

All APT pumps will use the same construction principles and techniques for all sizes. Pump specifications can be adapted to most working requirements.


Instant volume variation control from 0 to maximum.


Automatic continuous working pressure control up to a maximum of 4,641 psi (320 bar). 


Slow running, maximum 10 strokes per minute, per cylinder.


Hydraulically driven; very long service intervals.


Can be equipped with electronic, long distance, real time, wireless control of all functions (pressure, volume temperature, etc.) of the pump while running.


The pumps can be powered by either electric motors, multi-cylinder gas, or diesel engines.

The weight, dimensions and configurations of the pump may be modified to suit specific customer requirements.

Photos of the APT-350


Parameter Description


Screenshot 2019-05-12 20.10.20.png
Performance Imperial.png
Performance Metric.png
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