Manufacturing Partner: ATP Hydraulik AG


Advanced Pumping Technology is honored to have the distinct pleasure of partnering with world-renowned ATP Hydraulik AG for its current manufacturing projects. Despite the similar acronyms, APT and ATP are not legally related.

ATP Hydraulik AG was founded in 1973 in Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland (close to Luzerne). Out of a one-man company grew a company with over eighty employees as of today. The property size of the area amounts today to 6200 m2, of it been allotted to the usable building surface 3010 m2.The location of the enterprise is favored by a motorway connection. The enterprise deals with the entire range of application of hydraulics and is divided into four prime departments: engineering, manufacturing, sales and customer service.




Within the engineering department complete systems are developed and laid out. The manufacturing department produces cylinders, valves, valve blocks, hydraulic units, entire systems and special items. In the sales department, there are official long-term representatives of: EATON, Char Lynn, HPI, Dynex, Hydro Rene Leduc, SUN, Aron, Rapa, Parker-Waterman, AMCA, Parker-Arlon, Bühler, Dunlop, Hydrocontrol, Hansa-TMP, Black Bruin, Kawasaki. The customer service executes maintenance, repairs, installations and customer-supporting. ATP Hydraulik AG presents itself today within the following areas: sales, assembly, engineering, electrical engineering, purchase, electronic controls, stocks, repairs, manufacturing and customer service.

ATP Hydraulik AG Headquarters in Küssnacht-am-Rigi, Switzerland


ATP Project Images


We invite you to browse these photos of a small sampling of ATP's many high-profile projects worldwide.

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